Movies, music, and random thoughts

Some days go by with a thousand thoughts running through my head. Who am I kidding? Every day is like that. Any given day there will be dialogue with another person that includes words that spawn a song lyric or a movie quote in my head. For a brief moment that song or movie might even play out in an instant in my mind. It just happens. I don’t always admit it out loud but sometimes I might depending on my audience. Lately I have been working hard at work and home. Work demands at a wine and spirit store may sound mundane but it can be very detailed especially through the holidays. Home life has been detailed with painting, minor repairs, and odds and ends. Right now, I’ve got netflix on and am half paying attention to a Bruce Willis flick I’ve never seen or heard of (First Kill, 2017). Hopefully soon, I will get back on track with a couple of posts per day or so. As for now, I’m a little inebriated as it’s Thanksgiving night and I’ve had a couple small glasses of bourbon and a stomach full of food. Thinking I want one more taste of Bulleit or Red Eye and then I’ll call it quits.

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