This is Plethorum!

Every day is a new journey with a different soundtrack.

It is a rare moment I drive anywhere with the radio off. I love music and many different genres and eras. When it comes to picking something to watch on TV I am just as diverse in what piques my attention. Absolutely anything can be entertaining to me depending on the mood.

Latest from the Blog

Real Men

I’ve always enjoyed this movie. Ritter and Belushi made a great team. Their chemistry may have seemed a bit forced but maybe that was antagonistic roles they played for half the movie. So much fun in this forgotten B movie.

Woody Harrelson

Watched a great movie chronicling the Texas Rangers who sought out Bonnie and Clyde. Every time I see Woody give an amazing performance like this I can’t imagine this is the same young man from small town USA who rose to the top by merely tending bar under a retired alcoholic Red Sox pitcher. Amazing …

James Spader

I’ve been rewatching The Blacklist and it stuns me sometimes that this remarkable actor was once a nerdy antagonist to Andrew McCarthy. I loved watching him back in the 80s and 90s as well but wow how far he has come.

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